Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Nightingale Sisters Reunited

Most of my life I was raised as the youngest sister of my Mother's two girls.  My Dad is a unique man that has lived his life to the limit, by his own rules & makes no apologies for doing such.  He has impeccable taste in women and married two great women that gave him five fabulous daughters and one son... just like him! This week sad circumstances brought us all together.  My half sisters maternal Grandmother passed this winter and they are headed to Canada for the memorial.  We all have our own families now, live on opposite ends of the East coast and have so much going on.  The last time we were all together was in 2007 for our sister Barbara's wedding.  Having them here with us even for one night was special.  I love having sisters especially a lot of them.  I always feel understood, supported, encouraged and loved.  They show so much love for my son as well which makes me feel so glad he has Aunts that love him and see how sweet his soul is.  Being an aunt prepared me for motherhood and having them as sisters was all the example I needed to navigate this journey with Leavitt.

My sister Kim happened to be having a birthday so we celebrated her 49th birthday and Rachel's shower.  Nick's parents came by for dinner and cake.  Our house was as I had imagined the whole time we were building, full of love, laughter and really good food.  We reminisced on all the old times, laughed about how foolish some of our family is and in the end when we went to bed it was like for one night we were little girls having a slumber party.  We facetimed with my nieces in Florida in our pjs and made future plans to hang out.  One night was not nearly enough.  I am so lucky to call such wonderful people family, I feel blessed that Leavitt has them as well.  They have supported Nick and I from the very beginning and the times I have been down and out they were there to say you're fabulous and you're going to be fine.  Everyone needs that judgement free zone, the people that just get you, make you feel good about yourself, know your intentions are good and don't dissect your every action.  We are beyond blessed to have each other and I will cherish that night forever.

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