Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!

Today is a bittersweet day.  I will not be spending any time today with my own Dad, which is not unusual for me since he lives in Florida now and the majority of my life we have not lived together.  However this is a tough one.  My Dad a few months back found out he has cardiac problems and even after being given a risky stint his heart is only functioning at about 15%.  While undergoing tests for his heart, scans showed two masses in his lungs.  He is currently undergoing radiation and will unfortunatley be missing Rachel's wedding this July due to treatments.  This is life and although it is a rough hand to be dealt, we deal.

Today is so so special however.  Today is Nick's first Father's day and I could not be happier to celebrate for him.  He is an exceptional Dad.  He is fun and truly loves Leavitt.  I appreciate more than he knows the opportunity to stay home and be the one to care for our son.  Time is a gift, it is precious and even though it is costly to have one person supporting three time is not something you can buy back.  I am afforded the opportunity to see every smile, hear every laugh and be the one to comfort him when he cries.  Together we have created a home I love taking care of and a place to make memories in.  I take none of this for granted.  I hope Leavitt doesnt either.

I will never forget how badly Nick wanted a boy.  I remember how happy he was when he found out and immediately we started talking names.  Nick is lucky enough to not only have a Dad that has been there for him but also a Grandfather.  Nick had said from the beginning that he wanted to use his Grandfather's name which is William Leavitt, Nick's father and him also share the Leavitt middle name.    We went back and forth over all the possible nicknames that would come of William, Will, Willy, Bill
Billy and once the name takes you cant control how people will change it.  There was a family member of Bill's that was William Leavitt and went by Leavitt,  I loved that.  There we had it Leavitt William Varney.  I love the meaning it has to Nick and am thankful that Nick had such great examples in his life that he felt compelled to continue the tradition.  I have to say though, there are some really strong genes in that name... My little Leavitt man is Bill's doppelganger ... he even has the ears! Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of Bill and Leavitt together, but Nick's father's day present from Leavitt and I, is generation photos being taken in Pembroke the end of this month.  Happy Father's day to all the daddies out there may the babies and mamas in your life spoil you today! XO

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