Friday, February 10, 2017

Teething Time

I've been feeling really guilty lately.  I feel like I have slacked off with Preston so much in comparison to all the things I did with Leavitt.  I used to write letters to Leavitt once a month about all the adventures he was having and milestones he was meeting.  We are almost five months in with Preston and he's only had a birth letter written.  I doubt he will care someday, but I do.  I not only am documenting less but I still have myself convinced he is a newborn, when he clearly is not.  He has totally gotten the second child shaft.  Sorry Preston, I love you lots.

|| Nana Nubs ||

He rolled over the other day and I missed it.  I knew he was close, but when I heard him crying I turned around and he was face down.  Just like that he rolled and I missed it.  He has been chewing on my fingers, his bottle, his fingers, blankets, his hat, whatever he can find.  I felt so dumb when someone told me, "you know he's probably teething".  You're right he's that age, drooling everywhere, chewing everything... of course he is teething.  Which is funny that I missed all the clues when I was convinced Leavitt was teething every time he cried.  Someone get my former self a chill pill.

I guess I was expecting him to scream bloody murder and there to be teeth there, before I would declare a teething epidemic was upon us.  Since I have accepted his leap into this next little phase of infancy, I have been giving him teething toys to play with and he is obsessed.  He gets so excited he chews the crap out of it, brings his legs up, and squeals in delight.  Like with all seasons of mom life, you need the gear to make things easier on you and your babe.  Preston loves the Nana Nubs.  He loves that he can hold it himself and that the tiny silicone bristles massage his gums.  When he finally gets it in his grasp he rubs it along his gums like a dog with a bone.  He's very serious about his teething. 

We are on-the-go so much more than Leavitt and I were when he was an infant.  Being the only child Leavitt was catered to a lot more.  Preston is woken up from naps to go get his brother from school, or dragged out of the house just to take Leavitt down the street to daycare.  I more than ever appreciate anything that travels with us.  OK mamas, share your secrets, what are you doing to make your babies more comfortable teething?  This little guy loves these toys because they are so soft, and he can hold them himself.  Even if it kills me that he's wanting independence at four months old!

If you would like to win a Nana Nubs for the teething babe in your life find us on Facebook or Instagram @bringingupleavitt U.S. Residents only please.

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