Sunday, February 26, 2017

Special Day

I know I am not alone when I say school break is anything but a break for us mamas... am I right?  When school break last week snuck up on me after two weeks of snow days falling on school days for Leavitt, I about lost my mind when I realized I was staring down the barrel of another week with no school.  Preston and I really accomplish a lot when Leavitt is in school.  We tackle my to-do list, snuggle, run errands, snuggle, get coffee, snuggle, go to story time... you know important things.  I need that time alone with him or I start to panic the clock will run out on his infancy and I will have missed it.  Having them both home with me is actually way more fun than I sometimes will admit, but there is something really special about having time one-on-one with them.  

Our treasured babysitter agreed to take Preston for me for a day so I could spend some alone time with Leavitt.  We hadn't spent a full day just us since he became a big brother five months ago.  I told Leavitt the night before we had somethings planned for the day but that we could do whatever he wanted on his special day.  We agreed we should get breakfast, buy a toy, get a haircut, visit his dad's work, go to target, go to the "mama go go store" (Starbucks), and we would have lunch with friends.  

Leavitt really is a lot of fun for me.  He has the best sense of humor, and makes everything so much more exciting.  I kind of forgot how much adventuring we used to do when it was just us every day.  He has to have his sunglasses and his favorite Nuby water bottle everywhere we go.  Of course he loves the water bottle for the bright color and flip top action.  I love that it won't spill in my bag, that it is easy to clean, and big enough to not need to refill it all day long... because who has time for that?

|| Water Canteen ||

We made it home in the afternoon for a second lunch for Leavitt.  Per usual mac n cheese and fruit were top of the list, after not eating his lunch we had out.  He agreed to eat until he saw the hedgehog and elephant pictures on the bottom of these adorable bamboo and cornstarch bowls.  He really loves the challenge of getting to see the animals at the bottom the bowl, and I love that he eats better for me that way.  His requested reward was a reese's heart, because no hard work should go unrewarded on your special day right? Right.  These bowls are seriously the cutest, I want to snag the moose one because what Maine boy wouldn't love it! But also these cool little bowls are the perfect size for toddlers, they are eco-friendly, dishwasher safe, BPA free, making them great for moms too!  I've linked them for you but you will be able to find them at your local Target soon along with the water bottle!

|| Bamboo Bowls ||

Shortly after our second lunch Leavitt started to miss his brother and wanted to go get him from daycare.  One last stop to Starbucks (again) was all he could think of to top off our day.  I offered to go to Starbucks before getting his brother but we decided to grab him first.  I love that he thinks of his brother when he's having fun.  Honestly I had kind of forgot how easy and fun toddlers can be.  Every outing lately with both of them is so much work that I usually manage to get things done with just the baby now.  I am going to make a real effort to do more with Leavitt alone, he's definitely one of my best buddies and I've really missed the just us time, plus I feel way less weird talking to Leavitt as we stroll the stores.  I am sure I look like a crazy lady babbling on and on to the carseat by myself.  

I have teamed up with Nuby to give one of my readers a Thirsty Kids Flip-it water canteen.  To enter to win find us on Instagram @bringingupleavitt or on Facebook.  U.S. Residents only please. 

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