Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2016 Positive Thoughts

I let you in on my resolution last week and shared with you my indifference about starting a new year.  Now that I have rounded the corner and accepted we are in a new year, new times, and life is propelling us forward... ready or not.  Not to sound like an e-card but I have found a few positive things that will keep me afloat the remainder of this dreary winter.

Taxes I don't have to do anything this year except sign my husbands form or whatever.  I worked all of three shifts last year at the hospital and now that we are married the Mr. will be handling this for me and he's already sexier for it.  

I am also pumped about pale pink polish.  I always go dark for the Fall/Holiday season.  But my signature pale pink, almost white polish makes me happy.  I don't even care that I don't have any variety.  Consistency is the spice of my life.  The man that does my nails restocks the color just for me and even he was thrilled when I asked for the usual yesterday.  He was also pretty miffed at the condition of my nails... finally after telling him daycare was closed for a week (at least a million times) and thats why I looked out of sorts in the mani department he gave me a pass.   The matching pedi will have to wait until next week, but there is no way I will be showing my christmas toes in Florida.

I have kept my resolution and we are on day six!  Truthfully I chose an easy resolution that I knew I could keep because I don't feel like failing.  This early in the year letting myself down would suck the wind out of my sails.  My resolution has health benefits according to google and is almost fool proof.  I make the hot water when I make my coffee and drink them together.  If this negates the whole reason to drink lemon water just don't tell me.  Taking a girl off her high horse six days in is just rude.  I did however squeeze a lemon into my coffee this morning.  Im surprised it took me almost a week to manage that. 

After one day back at daycare I feel refreshed.  I went to a barre class with some mommy friends, had lunch with a non mommy friend at a the fanciest place in town and got a manicure.  I also hit up Walgreens and got my husband's dry-cleaning, after a knock down drag out phone argument with him about light khakis in the winter... clearly even he missed me having a daycare day to cross off the to do list.  All is well who is dressed well apparently.

I noticed the other day how much I love the sound my son makes when he eats.  He was making this delicate smacking noise while eating a banana muffin we had just made together.  I want to sit and eat with him more instead of setting him at his table while I clean it all up.  I also have been loving that he takes us by the hand to lead us to where he would like to go.  The not so subtle pull of the hand, is my favorite.  I don't want to look so busy that he doesn't try to show me or worse that I say not right now.  In some way these little moments are centering me.  In other ways the sound of him slamming doors in the mancave has me more than off center at the moment.  I really am loving the not so terrible twos right now.

I finally moved the portable crib out of the living room.  We had been throwing toys into it to make the room appear picked up but every time I looked at it I was a little stressed.  Packing it up and lugging toys to the playroom was a task but as soon as it was done I loved the extra space we have.  I have no idea why I didn't get around to that sooner but it for sure is the best task I have taken care of in the new year.

So there you have it the bright side of the New Year.

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