Monday, December 28, 2015

Birthday Letter for Leavitt

My little Leavitt,
Two.  You are two.  Well probably if you are reading this you can adjust that last statement to like 20, but right now you are two.  My heart both breaks and swells writing this to you.  Knowing you are on your last leg of the baby tour.  Sooner, or maybe later, whenever you are ready I will potty train you so you won't need diapers anymore.  You will trade the sippy cups in for the water bottles you already fancy.  I will be a pitiful pile of mom love the day you head out for an adventure and don't need me to pack a big bag for you.  Or gasp, I don't get to come because it will be some boy adventure and your Dad will want you all to himself... OK that isn't happening I am coming with you

I just adore the little spitfire in you.  You are bold and confident.  Your confidence has me a smidge jealous,  I have never been as sure of myself as you are.  Please don't ever lose that, I promise to always and no matter what protect it.  Your sass on the other hand I am working to tone down a little bit.  Currently you will demand people "go away" or "get out".  You are learning how to get your space by pushing people away.  This new phase has me a little stressed.  I am sorry if are picking up on that.  You still have a sappy sweet side.  You cry for me when you are really upset, and give me long hugs.  When we are snuggled up at bed time, you rub my face, twirl my hair and give me little kisses.  I know you are mimicking the way I comfort you and that just makes me all warm and fuzzy.  You like it when your dad kisses me and always try to push our faces together.

You have an iPad.  I was furious when your father gave you that for Christmas last year.  We put a couple movies on there for traveling and your Aunt Barbara helped me put some of your cousins favorite puzzles on there for you.  You got so frustrated for the longest time about not being able to do the puzzles on your own.  In the last month you have really figured it all out and are able to open your apps and navigate them all on your own.  You also like all the Christmas movies I have been making you watch with me while we take a break from minions and toy story.... just kidding we have been watching those too.  I hope you are enjoying them because I can feel the screen time police giving me the mommy side eye while I write this.

Over Thanksgiving I took you three different places.  Fed you peanut butter on a spoon in a pantry sitting on the floor just to keep your from screaming during another forced dinner.  Then you went for your first helicopter ride.  Listen, your mom and dad are a couple of chickens.  We hate to fly, do not like to live on the edge and don't make a habit of doing things that are going to give us an adrenaline surge.  You wanted to go, so I went.  More than not wanting to die, I don't want to miss anything especially a first.  Lucky for me you lost your ever loving shit when you couldn't sit with me and we went back to the house.  After we were on the ground again you made it into my lap and I realized you did't care about me, it was all the buttons up front you wanted.  You immediately hit the start button and when I put your little feet back on the ground you gasped "oh wow!" such a guy.  Your great aunt Carol came to visit all the way from Idaho.  As we were leaving you ran across the living room to give her one last hug.  You have only met her two other times, but you know when someone loves you.  You also know when someone could use an extra hug.  I just love that about you.

I am not very crafty so we cook.  Like a lot.  You help me with at least two meals a day and we do a lot of baking.  I actually signed us up for a monthly subscription for We Cook.  We are on month two and get a new recipe every month to try.  You love to help so much I had to buy you some kid utensils so you could really control them.  We had a cooking day at Meme's this month.  You and your cousins and a couple friends decorated cookies and gingerbread houses.  You guys also decorated her floor with sprinkles.  I predict she will ask if I want to do it here next year.... I don't.  You and Russell are best buds, and love chasing each other.  You like to copy him and that makes me happy, he's a good big cousin.  You love Saylor but would prefer to love her not in my arms.  You'll get over your little jealous streak I hope.

You still have a terrible relationship with the word no.  You cry, big real tears when I say it even more so if you can tell I mean business.  I can already feel myself laughing to hold back my own tears.  It is only going to get worse for a while.  Terrible twos are a real thing, so I hear.  To be honest you've been working up to it lately and I have dug my heels in to fight the good fight.  I know this might mean I won't be your favorite person anymore, and that kills me a little.  So do me a favor if you're 21 reading this, take me out for a drink, I deserve it for braving twos with you.  I also just really love spending time with you.  Every adventure, every new phase is exciting and bittersweet.  Can't wait to see what this year brings us I love you to infinity and beyond.

XO Mommy

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