Friday, November 6, 2015

our wedding part two

I asked my bridesmaids to stand up with me on the 2nd happiest day of my life.  Becoming parents will hands down always be the best day of our lives.  Our wedding really came close to being that great though.  Having our son in these pictures makes me so happy looking at them.  He embodies all the love and joy that is our life and relationship.  As a mama and wife so much of my life revolves around them.  Our wedding day was a day where everything revolved around us a family, everyone kept telling us they were so happy for us all.  I have to admit we are pretty happy for us as well.

 Danielle captured this moment of us after our formal portraits, outside of our reception moments before we were introduced as Mr. & Mrs. for the first time.

Leavitt settled into my dress for the duration of the ceremony.  To be honest I have no idea what was said at the ceremony... I mean yeah, I will love him accept him through life's ups and downs but I don't remember anything other than Nick and I giggling about how cute Leavitt was snuggled into my dress.  

Ok, So how cute is Captain Ken that married us? He is a real sea captain, professional bagpiper, and looks so much like a Disney character I just had to have him marry us.  He was wonderful, made the whole thing so personal (ok I heard some of what he said) and gave it a little nautical flair as a nod to our downeast roots.  I did not however want a nautical wedding (so over done) so Captain Ken and the ocean were the only nautical elements to our day.   I knew I wanted him to play the pipes but I wasn't sure what song so he chose it and after the ceremony my sister came up to me and told me that was the song played during her wedding recessional.  A little extra good luck for us!

Every special cake in my life since I have been with Nick has been a lemon cake with blueberry filling from Noelle at Sew Sweet.  A fellow Hermon girl and oh so talented.  I usually show her some pictures and let her get creativie with it.  The cake topper is a nod to our son who loves Toy Story specifically Buzz Lightyear at the moment.   Noelle also did the grooms cake that was the stanley cup trophy meant to signify "game 7" if you don't know what that is you aren't living with a hockey fanatic.  My husband plays in a mens hockey league,  his buddies and he are always telling me that every game is game 7.   I was so glad that when Nick got to the venue before me he saw the cake and loved it.  He and his hockey buddies had a moment with it, that included feeding each other and some cake smashing.  

Like with the cake I told the florist what I was envsioning and let her do her thing.  I am not creative, outside of putting an outfit together and play doh so I find it best to let the creatives do their thing.  I loved the flowers and looking at them still makes me happy.

My sisters, brother in law and three nieces came from florida to celebrate this special time.  Their presence was the best gift we got.  You can tell by this picture they are hilarious, so much fun and just the best people.  I had so much fun with them during our wedding weekend.  When they used to visit our Dad would bring them to camp up on Cross Lake.  I was so glad they were able to see the Maine everyone else loves and not be isolated in the woods... not that those aren't some of my favorite childhood memories.  My Dad wasn't able to attend due to his health.  He received devastating news a month before our wedding and two weeks before was put on hospice.  He is still hanging in there but having my sisters and their families at our wedding in a way felt like he was there.

My niece Georgia could not be more gorgeous, and Hannah (on the left) who is also stunning, is my sister's babysitter but really like another sister.  She is hilarious and a total baby whisperer.  I am trying to talk her into living in Maine, luckily she turned me down because Leavitt would probably trade me in.  These two preformed a dance for us at our reception a total surprise to me and they NAILED IT! It was so funny and cute.  This picture isn't actually from the dance but I'm obsessed with how cute they look here.  Hannah really started the party at our Rehearsal dinner and I have been trying to convince Nick to let me go visit ever since they left. 

 When we collapsed into bed that night my husband whispered in my ear "we did it" and that really hit it home for me... we really made it.  A betting person would not have put their money on us a few years ago, two wild, non conformists taking on the world together normally don't end up in happily ever after.  We are the lucky ones.  

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