Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A day in the life : Bringing up Leavitt

So excited to bring you guys a fun little mommy series called "A day in the life" where you will hear not only the nitty gritty of what goes on in a typical day in my world but you will also get to hear from 4 other moms!!! YES! So excited to hear their stories and introduce you to some fabulous women who are totally killing it at this mom thing.  The key here is that they all go about it a little differently but everyone is working towards the same things.  You will hear from a full time working mom, a work from home mom, a part time working mom, a student mom, and of course yours truly!

Here is what happened on a very typical Monday in my life...

5:30 Wake up to the stir of the little guy.
6:00  Make my way to the kitchen for coffee, settle into the couch, turn fireplace on and PAW Patrol.
6:12 First clean up of the living area... clearly I didn't do a great job last night.
6:40 Make LW breakfast, fruit, and toast.
6:53 I hear my husband get up.
6:55-7:19 Get Nick a towel, lay out his work clothes, start the laundry, make the bed, make him a breakfast sandwich, we all let the dogs out.
7:20  Nick leaves for work.  I empty the dishwasher, attempt to load it with breakfast dishes but I hear    LW making a dash for the stairs.
7:30 I still haven't finished my coffee.  Take LW upstairs to watch Rio while I shower.
7:35 Answer a shopping related blog e-mail.
7:49 Out of the shower.
7:50 LW walks backwards and trips on rug hitting head... first meltdown of the day.
8-8:26 I get dressed do my hair & make up, get LW's clothes.
8:30 Make guest bed (Leavitt kicked his dad out last night ) I seriously have been lugging around the same cup of coffee and yet still not done.
8:50 Throw in another load of laundry, the movie has his attention I drink the cold coffee.
8:55 He sits on my head... ok time to go.  And as I write this down he gives me two huge hugs from behind.... redemption.
8:57  I told a childhood friend who wrote me about the blog I would check the Land of Nod catalog because I was pretty sure she could find something in there but I lied and now I am sending her a link to a similar item my nephew has and loves... I should be employed by Santa.  
9:27  Get to Target and he's asleep, heading home.  This may be the only nap today and I am no fool.
9:40 Get home swap the laundry, fold a load while watching RHOA, clean the living room again... damn thing is always messy.
10:30 Get to target, get less than 10 items and the person in front of me wants the red card... sigh.
11:15 Head to the mall to walk, drink Starbucks and ride the obnoxious quarter rides.  I use a coupon at Bath & Body and find a fab sweater at Aerie.
12:30 on the way to the car in the mall Leavitt takes off I abandon the stroller, dump some juice and wish we never went to the mall.  Seriously not cool.
12:50 we get home, unload the car, start lunch.
1:00 Change like the 10th diaper of the day, finally load the dishwasher, scan fridge for dinner options.
1:30 try to return a call to the church we have been going to, notice LW is dumping juice on the area rug.  Hang up the phone, clean up the mess. Timer goes off, lunch is ready which saves him from my cleaning rampage.
1:36 set him up for lunch, decide I am going to clean the cabinets and counters.
1:48 text my husband and give him the dinner options... spaghetti and meatballs or chicken pot pie.  Lunch clean up.
2:05 Head back upstairs to fold laundry, with fresh coffee. He seems bored.
3:18 organize the craft paint, decide we should do a painting. 
3:42 toss our paint stained tops in the laundry.
3:44 Check the pantry for the things I need for a baking project I want to do tomorrow with him.
3:46 See if I can fold the rest of the laundry, he's getting hyper a side effect of nakedness.
4:11  stalk my favorite fashion blog for the details of the Nordstrom sale.... dying over so many cute things... Santa I have needs.
4:49 He was dressed is now not dressed but he peed on the potty, are we potty training?! I am so not ready for this.
5:10 He gets a treat for his good deed, he chose tortilla chips I get the guac.
5:12  I decide we are making homemade salsa.  He adds the measured spices for me and likes to push the pulse button on the food processor, the salsa is almost a puree, but still so good. 
5:40  He dumps baby puffs on the floor... wait we have baby puffs? Rachel must have left them here... or they are super old and have been stashed someplace really good.
6:00 Nick is home. They head into the living room together.
6:10 I join them on the couch for some family time.
6:30 Leavitt dumps my drink on the floor.... why?!
6:33  Leavitt is done eating,  I ate standing up supervising and Nick's dinner is on the table.  I start cleaning up.
6:39 Leavitt pees all over the floor.
6:45 Bath time.
7:00 Pjs, the movie Cars, a bottle for Leavitt, wine for mommy. Nick is decompressing in the man cave.
7:50 Cars is a terrible movie.
7:51 I am online stalking the Veterans day sales, for potential Christmas gifts for everyone.  Wondering if I should give Nick my Christmas list... you know house stuff, pjs... the struggle.
8:43 He's asleep.  Thank you Jesus.  
8:50 I turn on Bravo and get to the blogging all about my day.
9:51 Finish the blog work and am ready to finish this wine.  Is anyone else watching Vanderpump Rules?  I can't believe they are so old and so crazy... still going to watch it though. Ha!
10:30 Hear my husband in the kitchen head down for some adult conversation.
11:15 we drag our tired selves up to bed. 
3:04 crying babe crawls in to bed with us. 


Ok so there you have it... was it all you thought it would be?  I have to admit reading my day to day tasks like this made me realize that although I don't always feel like I get a lot done there is so much going on.  I also couldn't believe how many times I tended to laundry.   I am so fortunate to be able to focus just on Leavitt and the house because he goes to daycare twice a week I keep my appointments and errands he hates to do for those days... maybe I will do this again on a daycare day and then you'll know all the secrets! 

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