Saturday, September 19, 2015

Christmas Tradition

I got so many compliments and emails about the ornament I had made with our wedding venue on it I decided to share our tradition with you!

For as long as I can remember my Mom has had the most beautiful christmas tree.  Every year she added a few new ornaments from our greatest adventures or milestones from that year.

am carrying on her tradition (more like stealing her tree swag) and have them made for all our precious memories.  The birth of our son.  Building our new home. Leavitt's first time on a lobster boat. Our wedding venue.  Various vacations.  You get the idea.  

There is a special little store I always go to on our annual Bar Harbor trip.  Actually we usually make the trip because I need the ornaments (my husband is a good guy).  Anyways the Christmas Vacation Shop in Bar Harbor is my go to.  Sometimes I find one she has already painted and have her add our names and the event with the date, other times I give her a picture or an idea and she paints it for me in a couple days.  She personalizes free of charge... yes you read that right and all the custom bulbs she has done for me have been under $20.  You can find her right on Main St. in Bar Harbor or her website here.  I want to see what you have made so make sure you send me pictures or tag me! 

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