Sunday, June 21, 2015

We don't care you don't change diapers

In honor of Father's Day I am going to give a big shout out to the traditional man, more importantly father.  The guy that you grew up seeing on TV, who goes to work, pays the bills, kisses the wife, throws the ball with the kids real quick then turns it over to Mama.  This guy doesn't change diapers, or travel alone with the baby, he doesn't make the meals, or clean up after dinner.  He's not attending play dates, or running household errands.  He's not even totally sure what goes on here during the course of every day.  What he does is just as important.  He is a provider and none of it is possible without him.

I will be the first to admit that there are days I wish I had a job outside of the home and that Nick was forced to wrangle our toddler alone.  He's a full blown toddler with at that entails and it can be exhausting.  But all this feminist BS about dads watching kids shouldn't be called babysitting, and hurt feelings over society's expectations of Mother's totally blows my mind.  I'm the Mom, I can handle it.  I may be rolling my eyes, and over caffeinating myself (totally did that every day at my real job anyways) to get it together but its happening. Luckily for me Nick has been witness to enough of the crazy to feel sorry for me from time to time.  Not sorry enough to change diapers and that's OK.

So Happy Father's Day Nick! We love you and so appreciate your hard work.  We are always sad to see you go and happy to have you home.  I appreciate the looks of "what the hell was that" after a meltdown and your sympathetic laughs that make me glad to have you on my team.  Most importantly thank you for sacrificing your time so that I can have more.  For making it possible to be with Leavitt instead of at work and, for not guilt tripping me for needing two days of sanity and me time when he goes to daycare. Thank you for not being annoyed that I basically always drop him off late and pick him up early because I miss him.  Thank you for trusting me to make the big decisions and reassuring me when I am flying by the seat of my pants.  We love visiting you at work and hope you know how happy it makes me that you are doing what you always said you wanted.   I would continue to kiss your ass here but you're about to need my help laying out your clothes for work, and speaking of clothes, I've ignored Leavitt longer than he'd like so he's taking all his clothes off! Lucky me, he's going to be a real treat when he is a teenager if this keeps up!

And also thanks for dealing with my daily pictures of what is going on especially when he's driven his power wheels into someone's Buick and I'm not totally sure what I should do...

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