Sunday, June 28, 2015

Happy half Birthday!!

Leavitt William,

My precious, vibrant, determined, wonderful one and a half year old! I can not even believe I am the mother to a toddler little alone someone to be so proud of.  You are smart, witty and giving.  You have your own little way about you that makes me smile.  I both fear and adore your tenacity.  You are a force my love, and I am loving getting to know you better every day.

I hope to always at least recognize and celebrate you in some way on your half birthday.  I hate that you are rushed through the birthday excitement because of Christmas, so we will always find a way to make this day special too. Truly I hope you feel celebrated everyday.  I hope you hear me as I cheer you on with all your little adventures, and that you are beginning to see that "no" really does mean no.  Speaking of no, you still hate that word.  You still give me the side eye when you hear it and I can see you calculating in your head weather I am close enough to stop you or if you have time to make a valiant attempt.  Keep your quick wit kid, you're going to need it to outsmart your mom, lord knows you're already trying.

Thank you for being such a light in our lives.  You really melt me to the core with your tight hugs, and adoring kisses.  Being your mom is such an honor, but dude you've really been exploiting that lately.  For instance, you know how much I love dressing you so when you're pissed at me you rip off your clothes and diaper.  Yeah, you're probably a teenager by now reading this so from one rebel soul to another I hope you've grown out of that by now! By the way if you don't I am so going to do that to you when I get to the nursing home... you've been warned.  You also have a real problem with anyone looking at you when you are in the car... that one I can't explain but its a thing you've been doing so for now I am rolling with it.  You are into everything and climb up on the kitchen island, causing every one's heart to skip a beat.  You're a real thrill seeker, and total bossy pants.  You like going for rides on your Grampy's boat but you are really only happy if you are in control.  You also have a fascination with cars and love going to the dealership to sit in all the cool showroom cars... another Grampy thing.  Lucky for me he realizes the monster that he's created so he drags you out kicking and screaming and puts you in the car seat.  You are also sensitive with a heart of gold.  You sometimes have a hard time when I drop you off at daycare, crying and not letting me set you down.  I try to put on a brave face but I miss you just as much, probably more.  You should probably know that once I am done my mommy stuff, and catching up with a girlfriend here and there I don't relax and wait until its time to go get you.  I just go get you.  I cringe at the thought of doing nothing without you.

We sat on the porch and watched it rain the other day, you loved running around getting all wet.  I love watching you explore this world with all your wonder, but sometimes have to tell the uptight control freak inside of me to shut up and let you be messy, crazy, wild & filthy.  Its not in my nature to really let go and not worry about the mess, but I am trying.  We have been playing hooky from our mommy and me madness, you don't seem to mind.  Right now you are in swim and music, and occasionally we go to gymnastics if we don't have a play date the same day.  You're basically a Bangor toddler socialite.  You and all your little buddies who are running their mommies ragged too.   You even have a group of adoring elderly fans at Dysart's.  We have a standing Tuesday date there before music... you're a real sucker for the mediocre food and the throngs of senior citizens.  You love that they wave and call you by name... I have to admit it used to be cute, now it feels excessive.  You ham it up for them, you're going to either be in a boy band or a politician I have decided.

So happy half way to your second birthday!!! We love you bunches!!! XOXO


P.S.  Daddy is a total sucker and has been hitting up toys r us pretty hard lately.  So today lets go get Starbucks and stop by there with his picture.  I am going to threaten everyone that works there, that they are not to sell anything else inflatable to him... or they will incur the wrath of mommy!! Maybe you should work up a hand gesture to help me out with that.

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