Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Month Ten


I am a day late writing to you on you ten month birthday.  This is no surprise to me given the month we've had.   Unlike the last two months you are both healthy and easygoing.  We have been very busy this month.  We have been going to MOPS meetings twice a month, play dates & a halloween party.  You spent a weekend with your Grammy while your Dad and I slipped away to Boston for some alone time that was much overdue.  It was so hard to leave you that far away, but your Grammy makes it easy for me staying at our house and sending plenty of pictures.  We went apple picking as a family with your Grampy Rick and Nana Jane. Yesterday you had four grandmothers stop by to see you.  Your Great Nanny Brenda thinks you look just like Great Grampy Bill.  I have to laugh because I too see the resemblance.  You missed your afternoon nap and were clinging to me when my mom got here.  We went to Target with grammy and you fell asleep in my arms after your bath.  Most days I am not sure if I am keeping you busy or if you are keeping me busy, either way we manage to have a lot of fun.

You have changed so much in just a short month.  You like to feed yourself with a fork... giving me gray hair from all that mess.  You say "bubbles" now.  I have been making you sleep in your own bed... so you harass your Dad a lot less in the mornings.  You cried this morning when Daddy left for work.  Your Nana and Grampy were swinging you in a blanket when you bumped your head you cried and wanted nothing to do with them for a couple minutes... lord help this world if you hold a grudge like your Mama.   You love to hear yourself yell and hate when you fear someone hasn't noticed you.  Your developing personality excites me.  I just adore the person that you are, with all your little quirks and charm.

As you are growing and changing faster with each passing month I get a little twinge in my heart knowing you are eight short weeks from a year old.  My newborn baby is gone, in its place is a little guy with so much spunk and zest for life and the people that love him.  Sometimes I look at your father and say "we made an awesome baby" he always replies with "I know" and  I mean that with every fiber of my existence, you are an awesome kid.  We are so proud you are ours and are so aware what a gift you are.

All my love,

Oh I forgot one thing... You might be a little scared when the dogs bark!

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