Saturday, July 15, 2017

Catching Up

I just love all the messages you guys sent on my post The Fitting Room Diaries, seriously some of the sweetest messages.  I did end up hiring a trainer and going back to the gym I went to after having Leavitt, and while it is much less glam feeling, I suppose that is what I need for now.  A humbling experience, in a good way.  I'm older than I was, busier, and actually much happier now than I was back then making the work a little harder.  I just hope my trainer has thick skin and can handle my eye-rolling and sass.

Other than my new torture routine, I have been neck deep in the summer.  I took a weekend away to surprise a lovely gal pal at a bachelorette weekend her bridesmaids had planned.  Being a friend to ladies without kids, I think its super important to give the relationship that attention because they hang in there with me when I say "what were we talking about" 100 times during lunch when my brain is just scattered and trying to keep up with kids and conversation.  It was lovely, and I missed my babies dearly.  They were in capable and loving hands with our parents making it that much easier to relax.

We have been fishing like crazy so that my oldest can get his fix.  He loves fishing and is so good at it.  I feel kind of bad he's stuck with me all day while his dad works and he would much rather be tossing lines than hanging out with the mommy and me crowd.  Where are the redneck kids camps at?!  That being said we have had so many fun play dates this summer and I am really loving all this unstructured down time with the kids.

We spent Independence Day with my husband's family.  Eating lobster, fishing, and catching up.  We really needed some down time after the holiday, and have spent some much needed time hanging out at home, and at the pool.  Preston is so rambunctious and eager to keep up with his big brother.  When we got home from camp after the holiday, I had to lower his crib mattress down again, when I heard him fussing (totally not his character), I found him with his diaper off.  This was the first time he showed me his spunky spiteful side - I loved it.

I'm working on some new posts for you all.  Including a super cheap patio update.  We have lived here for almost four years and still have no deck furniture.  That will change in the up coming weeks and I did it on the cheap.  With kids, dogs, food, and Maine's weather I didn't want to spend a fortune for usable outdoor stuff.  So stay tuned for that!  I hope you all are enjoying your summer and really soaking in these warm summer days.  I am going to miss the smell of warm baby hair lathered in sunscreen when these kids head back off to school!

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