Monday, April 10, 2017

Weekend Recap

With the days being longer, brighter, and warmer - Monday is becoming a dirty word around here.  Our weekend kicked off early Friday when my mother-in-law and I took an impromptu trip to Portland to shop.  I wanted to get a couple things for the boys Easter baskets, and got myself some good transitional pieces for this weird delayed spring we are having.

I rushed back to grab Leavitt from daycare because we had a birthday party to get to.  He was exhausted so the fact he managed to not try to bring their house down was a major win for the mom team.  We both had after party plans - he was going to his grandparents and I was headed to a girls night.  I was already red faced and giggling when I arrived at the second shindig, so it was nice to let my hair down and get some gal pal time in.

My mom is like a pinterest grandma if that is even a thing.  She hosted a super cute Easter egg hunt for her grand kids, and some of our family friends.  It was so much fun to watch the kids finding eggs.  Per usual she was over the top and had filled something like 215 eggs all stuffed with chocolate.  She had made even more Easter goodies inside and we filled our bellies with homemade goodness, and ourselves with new memories.  I love that this is now a tradition, and hopefully it is something all the kids get to do together throughout the years.  Nick and I decided to head to our favorite Mexican restaurant for a date night.  I was honestly pretty tired but I'm not going to turn down an opportunity to have a date night.  I ended up having a few margaritas and was feeling pretty festive by the time we left.  We are opposites in many ways, but share the same sense of humor, I had a pretty good work out just laughing with him.

Sunday I woke up feeling more tired than normal thanks to those margaritas, so I got the boys ready and struck off for Starbucks.  Leavitt ended up wanting to go with his grandparents to camp for the day.  When I pulled in to drop him off the screamed "that's so awesome!"  seeing his grandfather's fishing boat hooked to his truck.  I love his enthusiasm for all things outdoorsy.  I also love that he has someone to do all that stuff with because I couldn't keep up with all that all the time. They ended up bringing him home after less than an hour because he threw up in the car.  I thought we had avoided the stomach bug that had been going around, but with our social calendars packed it was only a matter of time.

We spent the remainder of Sunday resting, snuggling, and watching movies.  While the boys took naps I tackled the laundry I normally would put off until Monday.  My husband had invited friends over for sushi Sunday night.  The boys were already in bed, so if everyone gets sick I'm blaming bad seafood! Ha! 

Busy jam packed weekends are my favorite and I am so excited for our weekends to feel more like this as we get into Summer.  If only I could cram a girls night, family time, and a date night into every single weekend I would welcome Monday with a smile a little more often!

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