Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Wedding Dress: Take Two

A couple weeks ago I put my wedding dress on for the first time since our wedding.  A little over a year out from our wedding and a two month old baby later, the dress still fit (yay, for corset backs) and I still loved it as much as the day I bought it.  While it might sound like I am a bit sentimental, the dress left Bar Harbor where we got married and lived its first year of married life in the trunk of my husband's sports car.  Sentimental I am,  kind of.

I had a sweet conversation with the seamstress that altered my dress for the wedding about wanting to trash it.  She was so much fun to work with and suggested we re purpose it into something useful.  My love of all things Christmas and Christmas ornaments had me thinking it needed to be made into something I could bring out and use once a year.

We decided to turn my dress into a Christmas tree skirt, by taking the skirt off the dress and using the satin corset lacing for the ties.  I am so in love with it already, and can't wait to dig it out every year!  Being that I love all things fashion I really hated the idea of having my most special dress sit in some weird box under my bed.  I wanted to give it new life, and I think we did just that!

Now for some of you who have daughters and want to keep it for her to use pieces of, or wear herself that is super cool.  Some other ideas I love would be to have your dress made into a baptism/dedication gown.  Using the satin for the edging or backing of a special blanket.  My dress was tulle, but the under side of the dress was satin and would be adorable on a blanket.  I love the idea of having a table runner made for a dining room table.  You could have a large satin or taffeta  quilt made for the end of your bed.  Anything is better than a dress stuffed in a preservation box, the fashion equivalent of a coffin.

I have been busy buying loads of precious baby things to put under the tree, and cannot wait to gather with my family around the tree while they open their gifts.  I think I will wait until the last minute to cover the tree skirt in gifts so I can look at it in all its blush fluffy glory as long as possible.  

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